About us

HESPLORA is a knowledge integrator able to make common scientific research, innovative startups and traditional ICT to support the Business

HESPLORA is an innovative Italian start up, born in 2015, which aims at integrating diverse skill domains to support explorative and experimental paths in traditional business. Its main aim is to be an innovation broker, putting at the disposal of customers a network of researchers and the best IT-related solutions to people with ideas around the world.

So how to innovate the business?

We do so by transferring the most recent digital technologies from Research & Development to industries. HESPLORA services offer ranges from expert consultancy, in IT innovation, to the delivery of an entire project. With our ability to adapt to our customers environment, objectives and rhythm, we help them benefit from the most recent IT solutions. HESPLORA consultants bring to the table a powerful blend of technical expertise, business acumen, cost-effective and reliable implementation, and ground-breaking innovation.

Innovation is therefore the key word of the service offering of Hesplora, whose Mission is:

  • R&D within a project in order to develop new products or to innovate processes.
  • Scouting for innovative technology solutions, technological investment assessments, the ability to provide off-the-shelf innovative systems and services.
  • Innovation as a Service: selection and provision of cloud services to compose innovative solutions.

In short, this is the mission that characterizes HESPLORA: to integrate the best of scientific research (university or not), the most innovative start-ups and traditional ICT to support business in the innovation of services and products.

Disclosure pursuant to Law No. 124/2017
With reference to Article 1, paragraph 125-bis, Law No. 124/2017, as amended by Law Decree No. 34/2019, please note that the company has received, during the 2019 financial year, subsidies, grants, benefits, contributions or public aid in cash or in kind, not of a general nature. Specifically, it has only received State aid pursuant to Article 52, Law No. 234/2012 subject to mandatory publication in the National State Aid Register, already indicated in the transparency section to which reference should be made.